Fitness & Wellness Tips For the Autumn/Fall Months

fitness & wellness tips for the autumn fall months

As the warmer days start to decrease and the sun tends to beam its rays less, autumn/fall is typically the time of year to say farewell to summer and prepare our bodies for the cooler winter months.

Many of us dread the colder months and as a result can find our mood and energy levels impacted negatively. Furthermore, current research indicates that there is a direct correlation with the cooler months and an increase in mood disorders (typically known as seasonal affective disorder SAD).

As a result, we may find ourselves not only lower in energy and zest, but also suffering from lower self-esteem and motivation, broken or poor sleeping patterns, having an increase in illnesses such as the winter flu, or even suffer from gaining unwanted body fat.

However, this can all be successfully avoided or minimized if we choose to have the mindset of investing in PREVENTION & PREPARATION. I gently encourage you to think of autumn as your “transition/preparation & prevention phase”, a unique time where you can strategically set yourself up for a nourishing, warm and kind winter.

Here are 5 simple strategies to explore & implement that may help keep you energized, motivated and ultimately healthier during the cooler months:

1. Keep Movement/Exercise a Priority.

Think outside the box. Aim for more indoor based activities such as weight/strength cardio training at the gym, group exercise classes, indoor swimming/basketball/netball/soccer, or even yoga/dance classes. Keeping it indoors will avoid weather issues. I encourage you to adhere to at least 3 x 45 minute sessions a week.

2. Book an appointment with your GP or Health Care Provider.

Do a routine checkup to make sure all your blood work is in a healthy & thriving range. This also may create an opportunity to discuss possible family history of SAD with your specialist. Be sure to nourish any areas that need attention immediately.

3. Prevent Low Vitamin D and Iron Levels.

If you are susceptible to low Vitamin D or Iron, seeing your health care practitioner is a must. Adding in a supplementation protocol for Vitamin D or Iron (under the guidance of your health care professional) may be useful. Also exploring LED Light Therapy may help with increasing Vitamin D levels, it can also serve as a lovely relaxation tool too.

4. Prepare Healthy Meals in Advance and Keep 2 and 5 in place.

Think warm hearty meals with as many non-starch veggies and fresh herbs and spices for flavor. Healthy prepared meals such as soups, stews, savory bakes or even high protein roasts. Invest in a slow cooker if possible. Designate at least 1 day a week for meal preparation, make big batches, and then freeze up for the next few weeks. This will save time, money and also be a go to in times of busy periods. Be sure to also implement the Go 2 and 5 rule too. 2 Fruits and 5 veggies daily.

5. Invest in an Excellent Mulit-Vitamin with additional herbs for energy & immunity & a good quality Manuka Honey.

Look for a multi which may have added immunity herbs such as: Echinacea, Astragalus, Turmeric (Curcumin), Elderberry, Olive-Leaf Extract and energy herbs such as: Ginseng, Holy Basil, Yerba Mate, Green Tea, Maca, Rhodiola. Be sure to implement 1-2 teaspoons daily of Manuka Honey too.

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